VoIP & IP Telephony

IP Telephony solutions provide a much more valuable experience of communicating effectively, reliably, and with quality, utilizing the same TCP/IP protocol that enables the Internet. With IP Telephony, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) delivers user friendly features and productivity enhancing aspects of communications applications. The network management tools and flexible options make it an assured enterprise-wide asset. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end network solutions and mission critical applications to advance voice communications within your organization today.

  • Complete IP-IPX Systems
  • System Management Tools
  • Custom Programming

  • h.323 and SIP Endpoints
  • Conference Bridge Solutions

Call Center/NOC

iSoft’s facility maintains a NOC (Network Operations Center) that offers our customers a dedicated staff to provide client’s with helpdesk support and remote monitoring of client networks for troubleshooting and maintenance issues. The communications systems and devices that comprise the NOC can also be offered to customers to create an effective Call Center environment. The Call Center solution features enhanced phone system capabilities but also augments traditional voice interactions with a broader set of multimedia capabilities such as email, fax, Web chat, VTC and video presentation. Concurrently, end-users continue to exhibit heightened expectations for efficient and satisfying contact center transactions. Our staff is highly trained and certified on AVAYA, Cisco, Polycom and Samsung product lines.

  • Centralized Communications
  • Enhanced Voice System Configuration (VM to Email and Text to Speech)
  • Multi-Media Features
  • Monitoring and Display Capabilities

Messaging Solutions

iSoft’s family of messaging systems allows the end-user to pick the system that is right for their organization. All are comprehensive voicemail systems with auto attendant and offer call routing, custom greetings, and message notification, as well as hundreds of advanced features that come standard. iSoft’s messaging solutions are designed with the objective to provide user-friendly and effective, automated call management. Our messaging solutions come standard with the tools you need to manage all of your communications needs on a variety of devices.

  • Quick Call Routing
  • Simplified Voicemail Access

  • Unified Messaging Features
  • Integrated Messaging (email, web, mobile)

Voice Conferencing & Audio Bridging

Voice conferencing solutions provide a cost-effective way to join multiple parties in a standard phone call setting to promote collaborative discussion in an efficient manner from remote locations. Voice conferencing may be introduced via several platforms, incorporating a variety of devices—land lines, conferencing phones, mobile phones, etc. Audio Bridging provides an established infrastructure to host high quantities of multiple-party calls at a centralized hub in a seamless fashion with integrated call management and schedules capabilities.

  • Integration with VOIP, Desktop, PC – based Phones
  • Integration with PBX, T1, PRI based Phone Systems
  • Bridge Appliance Infrastructure
  • Virtual Office Solutions
  • Web-based Management and Scheduling

Unified Communications

As the internet has evolved into a global communications infrastructure, this technology can be leveraged in new solutions that converge various modes of communication into a single platform for ease of management and more economic provisioning of resources. Converged network solutions provide the foundation for Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, unified messaging, IP-based call center operations and real-time collaboration. Unified communications solutions can help the end-user take advantage of these innovative technologies by providing integration with VOIP, desktop, and PC –based phones.

  • Single Platform for Voice Communication
  • Cloud – Based Solutions
  • Enhanced Operability Between Devices
  • Efficient Provisioning of Broadband Resources

Public Address (PA) / Mass Notification Systems

PA Systems are offered to support a variety of venues requiring voice / speech amplification to be distributed over large or disjointed areas where mass communication may be challenging otherwise. PA solutions may provide standard office intercom communication or timely and critical mass communication in critical response areas, as well as emergency notifications. A variety of solutions and considerations are available:

  • Turn-key: Head-end, Speakers and Cabling
  • Analog and IP-based Solutions

  • Integration with Phone Systems
  • Background Music Options

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