Video Conferencing Systems

Telepresence and videoconferencing (VTC), in general, enables the intimate experience of personal (face-to-face) meetings with real time video and audio transmission between remote point-to-point parties. Presentation and collaboration over VTC is a powerful tool that saves time and money by enabling efficient and effective communication for one-on-one meetings or large group (multi-party) meetings. Several modes and features can be considered:


  • Conference Room Systems
  • Mobile Device Applications
  • DISA Approved Secure (encrypted) and Non-Secure Systems

  • Personal Desktop Systems
  • Telepresence Room Systems
  • Multi-party Applications
  • Recording and Streaming Applications

Videoconferencing Bridging and Network Infrastructure

VTC Bridging provides a networked platform that enables hosting of large multi-party VTC sessions, merging VTC participants from a variety of end point types, locations and connectivity modes to communicate in a single call session. Several modes and features can be considered:

  • IP and ISDN Gateway Connectivity
  • Network Firewall Traversals
  • Enhanced Remote Call Management and Scheduling
  • Multi Bridge Device Management
  • DISA Approved Secure (encrypted) and Non-Secure Systems
  • Recording and Streaming Applications

Video Collaboration / Streaming (Unified Communications)

Video Collaboration allows your business organization to communicate in video and audio regardless of type or location of a device. Streaming video can also be applied to room or mobile based systems and recorded for storage and future playback, no matter where your employee is located or what device they have. Video Collaboration / Streaming (Unified Communications) allows you to:


  • Communicate Over a Variety of Devices
  • Record and Store VTC or Video Presentations

  • Streamline Content Between Rooms and Devices
  • Playback Stored Content in Presentation/instructional Formats

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