Support Services

Design & Consulting

iSoft’s design and consulting services allow us to work closely with clients to fully understand the unique business requirements of each organization. We evaluate the needs and identify specific requirements for each project identify the best products to work within a designated budget and then develop a comprehensive plan that coordinates system functionality as well as an aesthetically pleasing room layout. iSoft can offer formal design and bid documentation and services including:

  • Bid Contract Documents
  • Technical Scope of Work
  • Contract Specifications
  • Bill of Materials
  • Bidding Phase Services
  • Construction Phase Services

Life Cycle Management

iSoft can manage the entire lifecycle of your AV/VTC products from the time of it’s original installation to the time when upgrades and changes will be required to keep pace with the increasingly complex and rapidly changing work environment. Wise planning, including equipment replacements, phased upgrades, and required budgeting, will lead to sustaining healthy and stable communications systems.

Enhanced Training

iSoft can provide enhanced training following installation to give the end users a more customized platform for collaborative demonstration that will increase their understanding of the technology and give them the confidence to successfully interact with the newly installed system. iSoft’s industry expertise includes manufacturer’s certified training on a variety of systems.

Enhanced Training

Great service and support, as always, even working out minor details and working with primary service contractor, programming and follow-on service support.

- U. S. Army