Teaming Agreements

iSoft Solutions has teamed with many general contractors and technology partners to provide an array of solutions to federal clients. Whether we are acting as the subcontractor or as the lead, we have a track record of working collaboratively with many different vendors and contractors to bring added value to the team and present a final solution to the end user that meets their current and future needs in both a timely and cost effective manner.


iSoft Solutions can provide a TOTAL solution for our customers. In addition to providing the right hardware and software solutions for client needs and budgets, we can help alleviate the headache of dealing with multiple vendors to accomplish your end goal. We have established relationships with furniture dealers, custom furniture dealers, custom woodworking vendors, electricians, general construction crews, lighting specialists, and custom metal workers. We can incorporate any need into our total solution!

Allow iSoft Solutions to provide your client with an integrated solution that will minimize end-user burden and maximize satisfaction. Allow us to coordinate the efforts of many to bring a Total Solutions to the customer.

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"iSoft employees were very aggressive in addressing any issues or questions regarding installation and training. The crew worked well with our scheduled training and allowed us to meet all the deadlines."

The technician was very, very, supportive, helpful, and courteous, he explained everything to me, no matter how many questions I asked. Thank you iSoft for such a great employee.

- U. S. Army