Network Infrastructure

A network infrastructure provides an interconnected system of core network devices, cabling, routing and storage devices necessary to serve as the backbone to end-user data/communications systems. Infrastructures can be either open or closed (open to all or private) and they can operate over wired or wireless network connections, or a combination of both. iSoft Solutions can customize any solution for you.


  • Servers/Routers/Switches
  • Data/Telecommunication Room Build Outs

  • Wireless Access Points
  • Data Rack Build/Interconnectivity
  • Network Protocols

LAN/WAN Network Design

iSoft Solutions can design, deploy and/or upgrade your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). iSoft’s consulting and design includes collaboration with the end-user to determine the customized solution that best meets needs in the present and in the future. Design may consist of network drawings, schedules, detailed configuration and specs as well as a statement of work.

  • Assess Current Design
  • Identify Current and Future Technology Objectives and Goals

  • Analyze Current Network Infrastructure
  • Propose a Customized, Turn-key Solution based on Client’s Needs

Data Security

Digital Data Storage (DDS) is an effective and efficient format for storing network data. iSoft can assess your integrated storage needs and then provide the latest product solutions to fit your immediate and future requirements.

  • Removable Devices
  • Document Imaging
  • Hosted Storage

  • On-line Storage
  • Installed Devices

  • Structured Cabling

    Structured cabling is critical to supporting building or campus telecommunications systems and delivering reliable network connectivity. iSoft Solutions offers commercial grade, industry standard cabling options with professional installation, terminations and testing.


    • Single mode fiber
    • CAT5e
    • Terminations

    • Multi mode fiber
    • CAT6e
    • Testing & Warranty

    Data Security

    Data Security is more critical than ever for protecting a network database from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorized users. iSoft Solutions offers a range of products and services to provide you with a peace of mind that your agency information is safe and secure.

    • Network Devices
    • Firewall Solutions

    • Web-based Applications
    • Encryption Solutions

    Protective Distribution System (PDS)

    A Protective Distribution System (PDS), also called protected distribution system, is a communications conveyance system (consisting of CAT5/6, copper, fiber cabling), that has sufficient physical protection that it is trusted to carry unencrypted classified information. iSoft has the experience and knowledge of industry and government standards to implement properly installed PDS systems for certified protection.

    • PDS Conduit
    • Joint Protection

    • Lock Boxes
    • Network Device Safes

    Great service and support, as always, even working out minor details and working with primary service contractor, programming and follow-on service support.

    - U. S. Army